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No one likes too many rules, but for everyone's safety and enjoyment, we have a few really important ones:

Dogs must either be leashed whilst entering and exiting the dog play area or alternatively customers can use the 

Park 'n' Bark facility.


Please help preserve a pleasant experience for all play area users by keeping the area clean - picking up and removing dog waste, and placing it in the bins provided. 

Please do not allow your dogs to dig holes or scratch the grass. This exposes the dirt which then speeds up the mud production!

Please do not bring dogs to the play area until all their vaccinations are complete. 

All people bringing their dog(s) to K9 Playtime enter at their own risk and accept full responsibility and liability for their dog's actions. 

Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult during their K9 Playtime session. 

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